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I am an independent Chartered Building Surveyor who has lived and worked in the Whitby area for 30 years. I offer prospective property purchasers RICS building surveys set out in a clear logical reporting format as developed and approved by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). I have also over the last 15 years provided local builders with formal mortgage-ready professional certification for over 100 residential new builds and barn conversions. Please click on the tabs above for more information. 


I have also during the last 10 years designed, obtained planning consent for and project-managed the construction of two new houses for myself some images of which are shown above. I have also personally renovated several old houses over the years: a couple of images of the interior of the latest are shown on the next page. This experience has provided me with a comprehensive hands-on knowledge of building construction from a real world on-site perspective rather than just from technical drawings and text books.  




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